Brett Naucke, Moth Cock, Form A Log – OUT 11/17

There’s no good way to describe this, so we’re going to let the words do the talking. We’ve got one more batch of releases coming out this year — a monster batch of oldschool HausFam. We’ve got: Brett Naucke – Multiple Hallucinations, Moth Cock – 0-100 at the Speed of the Present, and Form A LogAt A Festival. Collectively known as the WTF LOL Batch, these three puppers come out on cassette and digitally on 11/17/2017.

More info on the catalog page and store page, tasty tasty tracks below yum yum.

Do Pas O – Join The Fucking Drum Circle

Wazzzaaaaa HauSquad – a hearty and happy hello to you!. Coming out next is Do Pas O – Join The Fucking Drum Circle – launching into the physical stratosphere as a cassette and the digital multisphere on bandcamp, apple tunes, sportrofy, and all the other ones too.

Join The Fucking Drum Circle is the debut release from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Peter Negroponte. When he’s not crafting progressive dance/funk workouts as the principal composer and percussionist of underground rock stalwarts Guerrilla Toss, Pete writes his own maximized one-man-band jams that showcase his densely stacked, hallucinatory arrangements and his fluency with every instrument in the rock tradition (and then some).

More info on the catalog page and store page, but we’ve left a delicious track for you to earmunch upon below. Comes out on 8/25/17!!! What a time to be here in this world!!

Kill Alters – No Self Helps

Hey HausMoNauts – hope you’ve been having a super fresh summer!. Next on the docket we have Kill Alters – No Self Helps – coming out on cassette and CD. More info on the catalog page and store page, but we’ve got a hot track for you below. Comes out on 7/28/17!!! We’re all so excited to be here!!

Cool Zones Batch

Sweet mama pajama, the COOL ZONES BATCH IS OUT TODAY (Friday, 5/19/17). This is definitely the freakiest set of releases we’ve done in a hot year, so if you’re down with the clown and love jokin’ around, you need these tapes.

Fire-Toolz // Mugen: Volume 9

Greetings, Hello, & Welcome!

We’ve got two delicious new albums coming out in February!! Both Fire-Toolz and Pulse Emitter / Brett Naucke tapes are up in the Catalog and Store, but we wanted to share some tracks below. Hope you enjoy!

Fire-ToolzDrip Mental
Comes out digitally on 2/3/17, and physically on cassette & CD on 2/24/17

Pulse Emitter / Brett NauckeMugen: Volume 9
Comes out digitally and physically on cassette on 2/24/17

Quicksails – Mortal

HEY guys — we’ve got some excellent news for you! We’ve got a new album coming out from Quicksails and you can hear the very first track right now!

Mortal comes out digitally on 12/9/16 and physically on LP on 1/13/17

For extensive information about the album, visit this page

To pre-order the LP, visit this page

Much more fun to come — thank you!

Hausmo Family Batch

Zwoooops — forgot to throw this up on the front page. HAUSMO FAM BATCH == Releases from the three members of Good Willsmith (a band which includes the two head honcho ponchos of this here HausMo label). You can scope info on the catalog page and purchase on the store page. Here are some tracks!!




Big Fun Update & a cool hello!

Greetings HausMoNauts & oh wow so much hello right now!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be working with Redeye Worldwide for all of our physical and digital distribution. Starting on September 1st, our entire catalog will be available to stream and download on all of your favorite musical apps. You’ll also start seeing our products out in the 4D IRLrainbow-grid [at record stores in the US and abroad].

To our lovely mailorder & bandcamp customers [sup fam!] — everything will be just about the same for you guys! You’ll still be able to order all of our fantastic products directly from the sweet syrupy source that is HausMo. If you’re a record-store-kind-of-person and you’re all like ughhhhh, i hate paying for shipping, kindly ask your friendly record store clerks to pretty please stock glorious HAUSMO products.

It’s taken a bit more time than we anticipated to get everything up and running, so the Bad Boys batch ft. Lockbox, Tiger Village, & Headboggle has been delayed. We’ve already shipped the physical tapes out to mailorder customers and will continue to do so, but the official street date // bandcamp & digital release date is Friday, 9/16.

You can stream some scrumptious tracks from the upcoming albums below, or investigate commerce in our e-shoppe (TM).

We have a whole slate of goodies planned for the near future. Next up is a batch of solo tapes from the three members of Good Willsmith: TALsounds, Mukqs, & MrDougDoug. We have a Quicksails LP on the horizon as well as a vinyl edition of Eartheater – Metalepsis.

That’s all we’ve got for you now folks! Remember that we really do love you a lot a lot lot lot lot! K bye for now!