The Big Ship

Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small make music together as The Big Ship. The duo’s studio recordings showcase interwoven guitar performances, lush synth textures, and labyrinthine song structures, encompassing ideas and sounds from classic/southern rock, ambient/drone, jam rock, American roots music, and kraut-rock. Doug and Aeron met at summer camp at a young age and have been best friends, musical collaborators and sometimes roommates ever since. While Aeron attends medical school in Philadelphia and Doug lives in Chicago, the duo continue to exchange ideas and record music whenever they find themselves home together. For live performances and select album compositions, The Big Ship expands into a five-piece ensemble featuring Aeron (guitar), Doug (guitar), Max Allison (bass, tapes), Matt Baer (guitar), and Stephen Waller (drums).

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When a band names themselves after a track on one of Brian Eno’s most lauded albums, it should be expected that said group would specialize in a particular brand of sophisticated ambient art pop. Well, Chicago’s The Big Ship are just that band! – Tiny Mix Tapes

…warm synthesizers and drifting, smeared washes of sound sneak into the mix, building up tension until the drums enter and the song locks into a sublime, seemingly endless groove. Indeed, much like the title of the album itself, this song seems like it could go on forever–to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if it did. – Ad Hoc

The guitar playing itself is just beautiful, worthy at times of James Blackshaw, it is a part of their overall sound rather than being the whole thing and sometimes takes a back seat to other stuff going on yet shouldn’t be overlooked. The B side starts with a much noisier piece much more in keeping with Barn Owl, elsewhere they delve into Brian Eno like atmospheres. – Norman Records

“Like Sung TongsA Circle is Forever is a record of psychedelic campfire songs. But instead of frothing with Dionysian frenzy around the flames, The Big Ship evoke the smoldering embers. These songs are mostly instrumental, filled with vast open-voiced chords, the world slowly turning around.” – Boston Hassle

“while every piece is smooth in execution, the band’s strength lies in its charm.” – A Closer Listen


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