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“On Equatorial Night, Portland’s William Selman mines a rich vein of slow-moving synthetic dub. Driven home by the bass and rhythms, Selman’s composition are intricate and flowing. There’s a huge amount of space between the tones, like an expansive landscape opening up before the listener in cinematic fashion, but it’s the tiny details that give these two sprawling pieces so much life.” – Fact Magazine (Caught on Tape: the month’s essential cassette releases)

Equatorial Night eschews easy categorization. Composed solely on a modular synth with both analog and digital processing, this tune brings in dub-infused bass, chunky percussive stabs, and background ambient synth waves that ebb and flow… For fans of modular synth workouts this is sure to be a subtle mind melter ” – Decoder

“On the tape’s title track “Equatorial Night,” Selman offers a dub-infused piece with a consonant rhythm that drifts along. While the backbone of the track is the thumping bass pulses, Selman proves to be an adept synth guru, eking out sonic manipulations that flitter in and out.” – Ad Hoc