Tiger Village




Tiger Village is Tim Thornton from Cleveland, OH

Stream Tiger Village’s music on Bandcamp, and check him out on Twitter and Facebook!  Tim also performs as Les Cousins Dangereux and runs the label Suite 309.


“Deep desires, fears, hopes, dreams, hallucinations, frustrations, fantasies, loves – whatever intense emotion or randomized thought process you could think of for a single human being – filtered through a set of bleeping/pulsating/plasmatic synthesizers, skittering beat machines, samplers and effects processors. One of the best collections of purely electronic music to hit my tape deck ever. <—- That’s a period right there.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“In Cleveland, Ohio, a city known for its mammoth noise/synth/freak scene, is a hidden gem named Tiger Village. Over the past year Tim Thornton has issued three tapes of flushed melody, weapons-grade arpeggios, and a deluge of beats and neon squibbles. Remember in Spaceballs when the radar technician (played by Michael Winslow) informed Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz, “We Lost The Beeps, The Sweeps & The Creeps”? Well Tiger Village found them, threw ‘em into ludicrous speed, and coated them with even more cosmic jam. One minute you’re dancing, the next you’re wondering how you ended up at the closed down Laser Tag joint. The cassette shells of these jammers are white on one side and black on the other. Total bonus.” – Ad Hoc / Tabs Out



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