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Dreamcrusher is Luwayne Glass from Wichita, KS

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“Luwayne Glass, the mind behind Wichita, Kan., noise project Dreamcrusher, brands his music as “NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK”. Being black, gay, and from Kansas (or at least one of these) will make one an outsider in a scene of outsiders, but Glass is fighting to bring a different, more encompassing voice into the genre. “Memories” is the first track fromHaine, which he just released digitally, and its pop undercurrents make it a highlight of the genre this year.

There’s a rave crawling its way out of the blown-out distortion, as opposed to the typical noise route of mowing over everything in sight. Glass pairs throbbing strobe lights of bass with a droning siren that alternates between ecstasy and ultimate loss. “Memories” does not recede at any point, getting huger as the song progresses, straddling the line between the nihilism Glass claims and total loss of self. Pop might be buried here, but it’s by no means submissive. Noise is usually loud, but volume doesn’t always indicate ambition. And while noise will, in many ways, remain a niche concern, “Memories” attempts to give it a big-tent feel.” – Pitchfork (Andy O’Connor)

“Since the mid-’00s, Dreamcrusher has been blasting eardrum-piercing mayhem that’s equal parts harsh and dancey. The solo vehicle of Wichita, KS-based artist Luwayne Glass, Dreamcrusher churns out rave-noise that lives somewhere deep in the red, house music that’s been beaten and bloodied. But as noisy as Dreamcrusher can be, the results usually are usually pretty approachable.” – Ad Hoc

“As Dreamcrusher, Wichita, Kansas sound-destroyer Luwayne Glass has made beat-happy noise since the mid-2000s. In March, he released the excellent Suicide Deluxe EP, a collection of overdriven fuzz and clang that reminds me most of ’90s digital hardcore master Shizuo. But Dreamcrusher sometimes hits frantic, heart-attack-mimicking heights that Shizuo never quite reached. Glass gets slightly mellower, but no less noisy, on “Antagonist Part 1”, which leads off his new three-song EP Canal de Holograms on Milwaukee’s NoKore. Here, the beat is more loping, as if time has slowed to a woozy stumble. But all the distortion and crackle keep the track vitally urgent. One of the most attractive things about Glass’s music is the way it can feel both hazy and insistent, both surreal and visceral. “Antagonist Part 1” is another stellar example, sounding like a human heart pumping inside a broken robot.” – Pitchfork (Marc Masters)
. – Ad Hoc


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