Grasshopper is Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod from Brooklyn, NY

Stream Grasshopper’s music on Bandcamp, friend-o them on Facebook, and check out Jesse and Josh on Twitter!  Jesse runs the amazing label Baked Tapes, and the duo performs in Hexbreaker Quartet.

Grasshopper have shared the stage with: Emeralds, Glenn Branca, Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Charalambides, Noveller, Liturgy, Dan Friel, Kevin Drumm, Burning Star Core, Borbetomagus, Tiger Hatchery, Daniel Bachman, Bee Mask, Nautical Almanac, Moth Cock, Ryley Walker, Excepter, Dolphins Into the Future, Jason Lescaleet, Hubble, Tom Carter, Guardian Alien, Martin Bisi, Weasel Walter, Giant Claw, Cream Juice, Arrington Di Dionyso, Diamond Terrifier, Telecult Powers, Decimus, Good Willsmith, Forma, C Spencer Yeh, Eartheater, Sugarm, and MANY MORE!


“It’s been a pleasure to watch Grasshopper’s progression from a noise duo to something of a fully formed space-music outfit — a bit like Yellow Swans’ trajectory. Just when I think their trumpets-and-electronics set-up will get old, Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod find a wormhole. Of the many cassettes the duo put out in 2010, Classic Jazz Moods was tops. The A-side sounds like space trumpeter Bill Dixon meditating on something like Vangelis’ ambient smoove-jazz soundtrack for Blade Runner. The B-side gets a little noisier, cascading echoed trumpet calls across a war-torn field.” – NPR

“The NYC-based duo strikes odd balances between playfulness and dolor, noise and New Age; they take a stimulating yet calming approach to “out jazz,” one that feels both idiosyncratic and vital.” – The Village Voice

“a real trip from dense synth textures to loosely linked trumpet melodies evoking Don Cherry’s Eastern jazz fusion.” – VICE Noisey

“Grasshopper, a multifaceted trumpet duo, comprised of Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod, don’t so much play their instruments, as they do brutally butcher them in an outpouring of drone poems, noisescapes, feedback shrieks and gentle amp hums, portraying as much a direct lineage from Black Flag as they do Stravinsky, Bitches-era Miles Davis or Morton Subotnick. Grasshopper have been described as the sound of “a wolf’s heartbeat on ultrasound,” “a windspiel made of knives” and “snake charming music made by industrial robots.” Basically, these Brooklyn boys take all the “nice” out of the implications of your mental picture of either a friendly garden insect, or a young Kwai Chang Caine. Terrifying sounds, but beautiful too.” – WFMU

“The music – thick, rolling drones, sullen electronics, wailing trumpet – coalesces into a narcotic stupor, rising occasionally in anger, reflecting not only a loss of purpose but a possible reawakening.” – A Closer Listen

“…an uncanny vortex of electronics and trumpet. DeRosa and bandmate Josh Millrod have siphoned sonic gold from their lungs, and have conjured forth electronic demons with their fingertips.” – Foxy Digitalis

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