TALsounds is Natalie Chami from Chicago, IL.
Natalie is also a member of HausMo artist Good Willsmith.

stream TALsounds on Bandcamp, and find her on Twitter and Facebook.


“Her lyrics aren’t always decipherable, particularly when she runs her vocals through a delay pedal, though her soothing vocals enhance the mood of each track. While some of her lyrics remain a mystery, on her best songs Chami evokes a distinct feeling that will stick with you even after the track ends.”The Chicago Reader

“. All The Way is filled with little reminders of human presence, of knobs being twisted and buttons being pushed, moments a little too perfect to come out of pure chance. It also features a captivating voice that never makes itself fully known.”Decoder

“…the placid hypnosis Chami deals in is oddly metastatic – it’s both the skin and the core, spreading to every cell inside her songs. “The Out Door

“When she’s not teaching music at Chicago High School for the Arts, Chami makes keyboard jams for contemplative moments. “The Fader

“All The Way is a collection of meditative songs that sound slaved over, but are in fact raw recordings without any overdubs.”FACT

“A circular piano phrase is overcome with cascades of flickering noise. Chami’s reverb-heavy vocals layer and loop to almost nauseating effect. Still, it’s the song’s final moment– in which the song suddenly bulges then turns inside out– that is most strange and breathtaking.”Ad Hoc