Quicksails – Mortal

HEY guys — we’ve got some excellent news for you! We’ve got a new album coming out from Quicksails and you can hear the very first track right now!

Mortal comes out digitally on 12/9/16 and physically on LP on 1/13/17

For extensive information about the album, visit this page

To pre-order the LP, visit this page

Much more fun to come — thank you!

Hausmo Family Batch

Zwoooops — forgot to throw this up on the front page. HAUSMO FAM BATCH == Releases from the three members of Good Willsmith (a band which includes the two head honcho ponchos of this here HausMo label). You can scope info on the catalog page and purchase on the store page. Here are some tracks!!




Big Fun Update & a cool hello!

Greetings HausMoNauts & oh wow so much hello right now!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be working with Redeye Worldwide for all of our physical and digital distribution. Starting on September 1st, our entire catalog will be available to stream and download on all of your favorite musical apps. You’ll also start seeing our products out in the 4D IRLrainbow-grid [at record stores in the US and abroad].

To our lovely mailorder & bandcamp customers [sup fam!] — everything will be just about the same for you guys! You’ll still be able to order all of our fantastic products directly from the sweet syrupy source that is HausMo. If you’re a record-store-kind-of-person and you’re all like ughhhhh, i hate paying for shipping, kindly ask your friendly record store clerks to pretty please stock glorious HAUSMO products.

It’s taken a bit more time than we anticipated to get everything up and running, so the Bad Boys batch ft. Lockbox, Tiger Village, & Headboggle has been delayed. We’ve already shipped the physical tapes out to mailorder customers and will continue to do so, but the official street date // bandcamp & digital release date is Friday, 9/16.

You can stream some scrumptious tracks from the upcoming albums below, or investigate commerce in our e-shoppe (TM).

We have a whole slate of goodies planned for the near future. Next up is a batch of solo tapes from the three members of Good Willsmith: TALsounds, Mukqs, & MrDougDoug. We have a Quicksails LP on the horizon as well as a vinyl edition of Eartheater – Metalepsis.

That’s all we’ve got for you now folks! Remember that we really do love you a lot a lot lot lot lot! K bye for now!


HELLOOO HausmoNauts!!! So happy to say hello to all of you friendly people. Firstly,

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis – pink vinyl edition (APOLOGIES — due to a pressing plant error, the records arrived on black vinyl instead of pink). Here is the link to pre-order the record. It will ship out from Chicago on July 5th. Eartheater is currently on tour in Europe and you can check out her dates hereRIP Chrysalis is also available on cassette, compact disc, USB key necklace, & digitally. We’ve got you covered fam!

ANYWAYS, we stand before you today, happily announcing the The Bad Boys Batch featuring tapes from Lockbox, Tiger Village, & Headboggle. We’re thrilled to get the opportunity to work with all of these artists on their second HausMo release. Named after our favorite reggae song, You can pre-order the individual tapes or full batch from our shoppe, and find album info and artwork in the catalog, and head some lovely tracks on our SoundClown.

ROM – Possible Mountain


Roberto Carlos Lange and Matt Crum record music as ROM. Lange has built a diverse catalog on Asthmatic Kitty Records as Helado Negro, a project renowned for its combinatory approach to vocal pop music and Lange’s magnetism as a performer. As ROM, Lange and Crum assume the role of multi-instrumental studio magpies, fusing the diasporic experimentalism of the tropicália tradition with the immaculate production detail of Brian Eno or Jim O’Rourke. Their sketches unfold in blossoming layers of synth, live drum takes, and stacked acoustic instrumentation – all stitched together over a lattice of burbling samples and electronics.

Available on both cassette and 7″ with album download.

Order from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.


Form A Log / Moth Cock split LP

moth _ log FRONT

Hausu Mountain is delighted to present the long-fated union of two freak flagships on one slab of vinyl: the Form A Log / Moth Cock split LP. A network of scenes in the US noise underground consider these men and their projects to be champions of uninhibited experimentation, high watermarks of weirdness, and genuinely dedicated human beings. In their performances as Form A Log, Ren Schofield (Container), Noah Anthony (Profligate), and Rick Weaver (formerly Dinner Music) construct maniacal live collages from the playback of cassette tapes. As Moth Cock, Pat Modugno (Khaki Blazer) and Doug Gent (Steel Dangerous) fuse disfigured sampling and electronic processing with live clarinet and trumpet into sessions with few precedents in this sector of the galaxy.

Order the LP from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.



Holy RICE-A_RONI — NEW TAPES! The Narf Guzz Batch, hits the streets on 2/12 – featuring tapes from Davey HarmsRadiator Greys, BANG! BROS. Let’s take a look!


Davey Harms – Cables


Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Hear “Trapped in the Grid” :

Radiator Greys – Denying The OtherRGcatal

Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Check out “Cocksure on the Chopping Block”

BANG! BROS. – Food For ThothBBcat

Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Listen to  “Great Set”

Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis

YOU GUYS!!! We’ve come to the top of the mountain to announce-ulate our newest offering (and last of 2015): Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis.

Yep – MM HMMM!  RIP Chrysalis drops on 10/20, on cassette, CD, USB key, and all of the streaming and digital marketplaces.


RIP Chrysalis is Alexandra Drewchin‘s second full-length album under the Eartheater moniker released on Hausu Mountain in 2015. At any given moment, an Eartheater composition reads somewhere between a folk song, a musique concrète collage, and a filmic suite fit to soundtrack a cosmic montage that only she can imagine in full detail. Her intricate ballad arrangements rise from standing pools of hi-fidelity synthesis, while her dynamic vocal performances span an untold number of tactics and tonalities. Drewchin builds layered electronic productions possessed of enough detail to constitute stand-alone worlds, each weighted thick with text and texture.

“Metalepsis not only announced a strong new artist, it marked the beginning of an untouchable winning streak that Chicago label Hausu Mountain has kept up all year. “Wetware” begins with Drewchin’s lullaby-like vocals and delicate guitar work before gently lifting off with strings, electronics and disorienting field recordings.”FACT Magazine

Preorder RIP Chrysalis from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Hear “Wetware” :

ALSO PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR INFO ABOUT THE PURE ZONE BATCH (tapes from Andrew Bernstein and Long Distance Poison) coming out on 10/2! 

Pure Zone Batch ++ Announcing Eartheater RIP Chrysalis

GO tell it on the mountain INDEED. October is going to be a totally nanz month for HAUSMO henthusiasts hall haround the hworld! On 10/2, the PURE ZONE BATCH, hits the streets – featuring tapes from Andrew Bernstein and Long Distance Poison

MORE GREAT NEWS! On 10/20, we’ve got a new Eartheater album coming out on cassette, CD, and USB key. RIP Chrysalis is truly what you’ve been waiting for ALL THESE MONTHS. More info to come very very soon!

Andrew Bernstein – Cult Appeal


Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Hear “Thought Forms III” :

Long Distance Poison – Lama Nada


Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Enjoy an excerpt of “Eardian Mana”:

Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis


The Back2Skool Bebe Batch

Get your pencils ready to respool. Empty your Knuckles the Echidna pencil cases to make more room for tapes. The Back2Skool Bebe Batch slides out of the HausMo biscuit factory and lands straight inside your Jansport. Two new tapes due August 25. Pop into the e-shoppe for a bundle deal, and find more info below:

William Selman – Picture of the Climates


Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Follow the sinuous curves of an excerpt from “Picture of the Climates.”


Khaki Blazer – Moontan Nocturnal


Preorder the tape from our shoppe, and find out more info in the catalog.
Submit your lizard brain to the chaos of “Vibrato Rap.”