5xCD Superb Bundle Deal

Enjoy CD versions of Eartheater - RIP Chrysalis, Eartheater - MetalepsisBlack Hat - Thought of Two, Lockbox - Prince Soul Grenade, and D/A/D - The Construct  All presented in attractive digipaks. This superb bundle deal will get you MUCH% off these CDs and will provide you with a wide breadth of unique electronic zones suitable for any occasion. You are powerless over our massive deals.

Superb Bundle Deals (TM) are proudly sponsored by The Great Porpoise King (TM)

To order: $33.33 to US. SORRY US only for this BUNDLE deal! Paypal only, please! (These prices include shipping). Shipping now. If you plan on ordering multiple items, please get in touch with HausuMountain@gmail.com for combined shipping prices. 


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