Other Zones

Rarely, the body of Hausu Mountain’s glorious website can’t offer you all the information you need to satisfy your intellectual curiosity. To preempt this unlikely occurrence, we’ve curated a series of Other Zones to which you can journey and learn more than you could ever want to know about Who We Are. 

This is Doug’s record collection.

This is Max’s record collection.

View the great artworks of Claire Anderson, the designer of the original Hausu Mountain logo.

View the great artworks of Elliot Bech, the designer of the 2nd generation Hausu Mountain logo.

Our friend Nick Ciontea is a talented visual artist.

Tabs Out rules so hard.

BobMarleyHats.Info is the end of the internet.

This video is also the end of the internet.

Patrick Klem is our go to mastering engineer. He does amazing work and is super friendly and hilarious. 

Here are some other record labels that we love:
Thrill Jockey, Umor Rex, NNA Tapes, Northern Spy, Patient Sounds, Immune Recordings, Orange Milk, Drag City