Bonnie Baxter & Wobbly

HAUSMO WORLD UNITE!!! Check out these sweeeet new zones we have available for your auditory pleasure from Bonnie Baxter & Wobbly::

Machine Listener time <3

STEP INTO THE HausZone. We’ve got a new one straight from the heart of Cleveland’s twisted heart: a snakey zone from Machine Listener. Scope below – you know what to do y’all!!

HausLive is Live with Sunwatchers!

Bugle! Bugle! Hear ye HausFam. We’ve got the inaugural edition of a brand new series of releases that you better get used to!! The New York City-based exploratory rock quartet Sunwatchers unite the ecstatic guitar / sax leads and spontaneous energy of free jazz with the repetition and tempered discipline characteristic of minimalism or krautrock. With HausLive 1: Sunwatchers at Cafe Mustache 4/13/2019, the band marks the inauguration of Hausu Mountain’s new series of live recordings highlighting the headiest underground music performed in Chicago. The series channels the spirit of informal bootlegging and tape trading as pioneered by the community surrounding the Grateful Dead, honing in on the raw live energy and in-the-moment emotions that make each show stand out in the stream of time. Selected from the archives of prolific Chicago taper Joel Berk, HausLive 1 bears witness as Sunwatchers weave flights of fried improvisation into tightly synchronized passages of psych-adjacent riff worship.

RXM Reality is back!

Ahoy HausMoFriendlies & other!! We’ve got some great news from the data spigot — RXM Reality is back with more of that ego-destroying, meticulously-crafted, yum-yum. Info all over the site in the usual spots and clicky play below.

Simulation up in here

HausHello all of you wonderful star children. We’ve got more of that sticky syrup to share with you: a new album from Simulation. These are some very old friends making some very NEW music. Hot from the data spigot, here’s another golden HausMo album for your wonderful star child ears. Thavk you very much & good tidings:

new Khaki Blazer is here!!

HausFamily – whatsunch about you? Great news!! We’ve got that new Khaki Blazer dripping straight from the zones spigot, so grab your mug and fill it up with some of Pat’s patented goo. HausMo Heads probably know all about Khaki Blazer and have been collecting all of the tapes – but hey if this is your first time around, Pat is one of our deepest and oldest musical pals, is 1/2 of the legendary group Moth Cock, and this is his third and deepest zone with us yet. Check it out::

M. Geddes Gengras now avail!

Heyyyyyy HausFriends – hope you’ve been riding on the back of the dolphin gently into the fun-zone. We’ve got a beautiful new zone from M. Geddes Gengras now available on cassette and CD. Check out the zones below:


HausMoNation – HausHello from HausMo Doug. Hello! We’re pleased as Pikachu to have not one, but two brand new albums from BANG! BROS. . Big BANG! Theory hits the physi-and-digi-streets as two cassettes or a big bang bundle, and it’s ripe with the skronk-a-lonk that you are so desperately addicted to. Scope out some of the tunes below and head on down to the catalog and store pages for more info. Love y’all!!!

Tiger Village – Modern Drummer – out on 3/29

HausMo Hello there y’all! Just checked the 5PM news and the prognosis for this week is that there’s a whole ton of big fat fun dripping from the horizon line! Celebrate the magical season of rain and plant!

Later this week, we’ve got a new album coming out from long-time HausMo artist Tiger Village. This is our third album with him… and who doesn’t love trilogies??? While previous Tiger Village albums from us have only been available on cassette, this one is available on cassette and COMPACT DISC! Remember those circle things?

Villagers (that’s what you call a Tiger Village fan) will probably all agree that this is his most progressive, zaniest, brainiest, zoniest zone that he’s ever made. You villagers can make that choice in just a few days, but in the meantime you can swoop in on this delicious track name of “Modern Drummer”:

Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe! – out on 3/1

HausMoNerdos and Birdos unite. If there’s one thing we can all agree upon on this craggly rock screaming through space, it’s that proggy jazz-fusion is like… really really dope. Another thing that many of us can agree upon is that the music of Angel Marcloid (a.k.a. Fire-Toolz) is like… really really dope. So what if Angel decided to make a whole album of proggy jazz-fusion? Here we have Nonlocal Forecast. Hope that the weather is looking good for you: