The hits keep coming

new music from d’Eon, Norman W. Long and Prolaps:

Summertime Jams

New Kids on the Block are your potential friends, Chinese food is available for delivery, and I think it’s great when the mail’s not late in the summer, it’s the summer. We like people who listen to HausMo jams, and these are the new ones in the can, in the summer… in the summer:

Damiana is the debut collaboration between Chicago improv-legends and dear friends TALsounds and Matchess.:

Prolaps returns with the 2nd installment of the Ultra Cycle series:

New HausZones

HausMoNauts! Sending a swirling double helix high five from the top of HausMoHQ to your sweaty palm. These are the new HausMo zones hot and fresh out of the biscuit factory. Arc Mountain is a series of one-off collaborations between HausMo artists and Deathbomb Arc artists. Body Meπa is a new NY-based band comprised of Sasha Frere-Jones, Greg Fox, Melvin Gibbs, & Grey McMurray. Take a listen below:

The Bandcamp store is the official HausMo E-shoppe

Hey HausMo Fans — we’re doing the vast majority of our sales through the Bandcamp platform these days and will be moving all of the HausMo store there. We will keep the bundle deals but that’s about it. As you can see, our website is very clunky and was not built for what we’re asking of it. We’ll be linking all store pages to the respective Bandcamp pages. To get the sort of discount you were getting on the HausMo site, you can use code “420COVID69” . This code will be active until live music is back at every level and your dad can go see Bruce Springsteen at the basketball arena. After that, I’ll generate another code specifically for loyal HausMo e-shoppe users. Thanks for sticking with us! We might get a new website in the future, but that’s not a ridiculously high priority at this moment. <3

Spring Fling

HausMoNauts! Hear Ye! Bugle! The Spring slate is going strong. We have new albums from roster artists Prolaps and Sharkula x Mukqs for your listening pleasure:

Welcome 2021 HausMo

HausMo 2021 Edition Welcome Season! A Hearty Hello <3 and new music from Wobbly and Good Willsmith:

Fall Zones

HausMo Zoners! The Fall program is fully out there in the mundo. Delicious zones from HausMo mainstays M. Geddes Gengras and Nonlocal Forecast, and a new rock and roll project from your HausMo Honchos – BBsitters Club. All available for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp:

Summer LPs

HausMo zoners!! Feast upon on our summer LPs from Quicksails and Fire-Toolz:

New zones from RXM Reality, Prolaps

HausMo Squad!! Spring is rolling along and it’s nothing but normal. We’re keeping the jams pumping out from the jam spigot at the best rate we can. We’ve got two new bangers that came out in the last few weeks from RXM Reality and Prolaps. Scope em on Bandcamp below: