first HausMo of 2024: FIN – Cleats

Greetings HausMoNauts! So excited to share some spectacular news with you on this fine day. FIN returns to the HausMo catalog, a minute after 2017’s Ice Pix, with a new album of gorgeous idiosyncratic self-produced pop music. bizarro baroque jams, hymns for a ceremony in a holographic cathedral. Cleats comes out on May 31st on cassette, CD, and digitally.

music video by Mimi Bowman

new zones from Quicksails / Tiger Village

OUT TODAY and available just about everywhere you listen to music:

⚫ Quicksails – “Surface”
👁️ Tiger Village – “The Celebration”

Two groundbreaking electronic albums from some of the deepest, most classic, most midwestern HausMo head artists known to us!

HausMo Honcho Batch

That’s right HausMoNauts – new albums from your HausMo Honchos – those two silly boiz who first climbed the mountain – the only two men who can communicate with The Great Porpoise King – Doug & Max.

Dustin Wong returns to HausMo

Hey HausMoNauts – so excited to bask in the summer sun with you to these beautiful new tunes from Dustin Wong, returning to HausMo with his first album since 2018’s Fluid World Building 101 with Shaman Bambu.

Perpetual Morphosis presents a hybridized vision in which Wong’s previously long-held practice focused on live-looped guitar sessions is simply one element in his all-encompassing electronic productions. The album finds him further developing his affinities for digital instrumentation and complex sound design, all while positioning himself as the guitarist and vocalist at the heart of his multi-layered performances.

New Wobbly zones!

Very proud to present Wobbly‘s new album Additional Kids – an album that completely sidesteps his machine listening Monitress albums we released in favor of zany, carnival-core songs with many many special guests. This is a project very near and dear to our hearts and hope you enjoy!! More info including a list of guests here and stream below:

New from Fire-Toolz!

We’re thrilled to present the new Fire-Toolz album – “I am upset because I see something that is not there.”

New zones from Moth Cock, M. Geddes Gengras

Beep Beep Beep! The HausMo truck is backing up! We haven’t been so good at updating this website and have let some releases fly by without posting them on the home page. We’re thrilled to have released these amazing albums from longstanding HausMo artists Moth Cock and M. Geddes Gengras. Scope ’em out below && sooooo much more info on the catalog page!

Bernie is Back!

Hear ye HausCrew! Andrew Bernstein is back with “a presentation”, his third HausMo album. Composer / saxophonist / multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bernstein has been an essential part of the Baltimore experimental music scene as a member of avant-rock champions Horse Lords. Based in Baltimore for much of the last two decades, he currently resides with his family in Germany. Under his own name, Bernstein composes music focused on the material of sound, typically oriented around the tuning system of just intonation: the selection of notes based on the physical properties of sound which yields frequencies that provide more “perfect” harmonies outside of the capabilities of the 12-tone scales that appear in Western music in idioms ranging from classical / orchestral composition, to mainstream pop, and most everything in between. Bernstein’s work can swell into flights of virtuosic sheets-of-sound overload or stretch individual tones into time-dilating durational exercises that emphasize the relationships between overtones and explore the unique harmonic series that he lays out for each piece.