Mailorder Q&A

Due to the logistical mindfuck that is the postal service, there are often problems with orders. Here’s a lil guide to how to deal with us during your time of mail woe.

Before the Q&A – here’s a little info from our end. HausMo Doug has over a decade of experience shipping musical media and dealing with the wonders of USPS. Tape and CD orders are packaged in new bubble mailers with additional bubble wrap or cardboard around the tape/CD. Vinyl orders are shipped in new mailers with cardboard flats. Mixed and large orders will ship any manner of ways.

Q: My package hasn’t arrived yet and it’s been more than 14 business days (USPS = Monday-Saturday). What’s up?

A: We’re sorry about that! Please locate your Bandcamp order email and reply / forward to Doug {@at} HausuMountain {dot com]. We’ll track the package and see what we can uncover. Most of our packages go out domestically via media mail. Media mail is quoted at 4-14 business days by USPS. International orders – we are clueless about timing for USPS abroad. We use Pirate Ship / Ascendia to ship out international orders. They consolidate all non-Canadian orders at warehouses and ship out from there. It takes a bit longer, but makes it cheaper for you the customer.

Q: My order arrived damaged. How should we proceed?

A: Whenever you get a package that got clearly damaged in transit, take pictures of the package before you open it. That applies to everything – not just stuff from us. Then pop that sucker open and photograph your damaged item. If the package looks A-OK and then you open it up to discover something ugly, take a picture of the discarded packaging and the damaged item. Shoot the pictures over to us via email and we can file a claim with our shipping company. We’ll correspond privately to figure out the best way to remedy the situation by replacing or refunding your item in an appropriate manner (i.e. if it’s just an LP jacket that got messed up, but the record is a-OK, we’ll just re-ship a jacket).

Q: The address listed on my order is incorrect. Can you ship my package somewhere else?

A: Please get in touch with us immediately via e-mail to sort this out. Not on Facebook, not on twitter, not on Soundcloud. Just via email – doug @ . We usually go to the post office 3-4 times a week, attempting to ship out your package the day we receive the order or the day after.

Q: I fucked up and had you ship to the wrong address. What now?

A: These sorts of packages often will come back to us. When the package returns, we will get in touch about your options which are 1) refund the cost of merchandise, 2) you can pay to re-ship the package to the correct address. If the package never returns to us, we’ll ship a copy to the correct address for 1/2 of the cost of the item + shipping.

Q: You fucked up and shipped it to the wrong address. What now?

A: WHOOOOOOOPS! This is a hyper rare occurrence, but when it happens and we’re made aware of this we will get you your music and shower you in glorious bonus gifts.

Q: I got the wrong thing. What the fuck is a Moth Cock?

A: LOL. Sorry about that! This only happens like once a year – I swear. Please reply / forward your order e-mail to us and shoot over a picture of the wrong thing you got. We’ll send over the correct thing right away along with a pre-posted bubble mailer to send back the rotten product that you didn’t want (or in some cases let you keep the thing). We’ll also shower you in bonuses.


A: Just ask us. Doug {@at} HausuMountain {dot com]