Welcome to the wonderful world of HausMo playlists! We were once college radio DJs just like you and have the compulsion to make mixtapes every now and again. Below you will find many playlists made by your HausMo honchos. Some of these playlists feature HausMo jams, and some do not. Hope you enjoy and please remember to Subscribe or Die!

Hausu Mountain: The Official Playlist
Tracks from just about every HausMo release ever, organized from most recent to that old old. Great if you’re looking for a stroll down HausMo memory lane, or if you’re a total n00b and trying to figure out what is a HausMo. Featuring: every HausMo artist you’ve heard of and many HausMo artists you’ve probably never heard of.

Terry Riley Party Bus
Saturday night spa jams for when you’re cruising down the gingerbread highway with your homies. Featuring: Oneohtrix Point Never, Laurie Spiegel, Bitchin Bajas, Jon Hassell, Enya, Mickey Hart.

HausMo Winter Vibes
Buckle up and let’s hitch a ride on Jerry’s magical sleigh! An even mix of HausMo Universe and the outside world. Mellow jams for inside days, uplifting plinky snowflakes, and that harshness. Featuring: Bjork, Les Paul, Carl Stone, The Sea and Cake, Maggi Payne.

Whacked Out in the 80s
Freaky and “””pop”””-leaning music with an overall silly vibe from the ’80s or thereabouts. RIYL: Ween, funny voices, post-punk, no wave, weirdo funk, bedroom pop, new wave, prog, NSFW biz, noise rock, silly ditties, synth pop, & beyond. Featuring: The Frogs, Negativland, Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, Butthole Surfers.

Garden State Soundtrack if Zach Braff Didn’t Suck
Let’s just allow the title to speak for itself. Featuring: Pentangle, Ryley Walker, Grouper, Arthur Russell, Eartheater.

Old American Ghosts
Focuses on recordings from the late 20s to mid-40s but includes a few tracks into the 60s from some notable figures. Highlights a number of American folk forms and tries to find the freakier stuff among a bluesscape. Featuring: The Carter Family, Blind Willie Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Golden Gate Quartet.

Introduction to The Residents
The Residents’ catalog can be terrifying to navigate. Here are some choice cuts presented chronologically. The 70s and 80s get precedence, but I’ve tried to sprinkle in some 90s and 00s cuts. Spotify is limited – especially in that it doesn’t have Eskimo.