Jeremy Bible Vs. Mousecop

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To be released on 3/31/15!C41 – Silver tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Max Allison (HausMo co-founder).
Limited edition of 75 tapes!!

As the founder of Ohio-based label and distribution center Experimedia, Jeremy Bible has championed forward-thinking music from virtually all genres and traditions, providing both a stateside entry point for a roster of international labels and a measure of exposure for the experimental artists of his midwestern milieu (including Hausu Mountain affiliates Head Boggle and Telecult Powers). In his own musical practice, Bible’s excursions into computer-based composition, reactive processing, and quadrophonic sound installation have manifested in self-released physical editions and ambitious live performances across the last decade. Curt Brown and Joshua Novak help define the underground scene of Akron, OH as co-founders of the label Rubber City Noise, bringing their own recordings as the duo Mousecop and the work of their comrades in arms to a larger audience through a catalog of vinyl, cassette, and digital releases. Their forays into extended collage composition find Brown (who performs solo as Black Unicorn) and Novak (who performs solo as Faangface) layering a wide array of electronic and acoustic instruments into dense sessions of juxtaposed tones and textures.

Hausu Mountain proudly presents Jeremy Bible vs. Mousecop, the first proper document of the collaboration between these two projects. Two sidelong sessions, each over 20 minutes in duration, capture the conjoined ensemble’s electro-acoustic improvisations, recorded in a single marathon day of tinkering and tracking at Experimedia headquarters. The undulating synth lines and manipulated found sounds of Bible’s electronic systems collude with the kitchen-sink percussion and six-string missives of Mousecop, yielding a hallucinatory spread of fine-grain textures charged with sudden upheavals in structure and tone. Meticulously mixed to speaker-splitting high fidelity, each disembodied peal of noise sounds out with remarkable clarity as it funnels into a thickening stew of abstraction.