Piper Spray – Krolorog

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To be released on 5/26/15! C49 – White tape with green imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Max Allison (HausMo co-founder).


Krolorog = Rabbit + Unicorn, according to Russian wizard Piper Spray. Imagine a warren of krolorogs out running through the taiga, spearing bugs and birds with their horns, locking into heated jousting battles with one another. Krolorogs probably get into all kinds of trouble out there, man. Lucky for us, Piper Spray has taken it upon himself to sonically document the life of this rare beast in the form of the Krolorog tape, following cassettes on Orange Milk and his own Singapore Sling imprint. If his hallucinatory hodgepodge of sample manipulation, synth mangling, and beats is any indication, krolorogs lead very hectic and complicated lives. Piper Spray builds his frenetic rhythms around repeating voice samples and tight percussion patterns that speed into the high-BPM territories of jungle or footwork while exploiting a deranged tonal palette without any clear precedent. His remarkably detailed mixes bubble and breathe with countless layers of electronic input, often grafting entire contradictory atmospheres onto each other within the context of a single track.

Narcotic synth leads and music box-like melodies drape over bursts of alien texture and polyrhythm while robotic voices chime the names of letters into the haze. Conventions of composition or structure have no jurisdiction in Krololand, as Piper Spray jettisons each segment of his miniature electronic collages on a whim to fall down some new rabbit hole. “KroloParabola” bounces ferociously over a breakbeat rhythm as intensifying synth whistles wash out the mix. The title track chops and screws the groans and shrieks of krolologs into a series of intensifying climaxes, which crumble and reform as fragments of new beats in real time. “Krolorog VS Benzaldehyde Monster” crams multiple fractal vignettes into its five minute running time, cycling through melodies and patchworks of atonal samples on the way to a murmured conclusion. While Piper Spray utilizes jump-cut sampling tactics and a kaleidoscopic synth vocabulary akin to HausMo affiliates Tiger Village and Lockbox, his honed fantasy instincts sketch a unique auditory world of his own stripe, brimming with the horned little heads and garbled KroloVoices of mutant rabbits.