Davey Harms – Cables


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To be released on February 12th. C40 – Yellow tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from HausMo co-founder Max Allison..

Davey Harms has carved out a wide catalog of hardware-based technoid workouts weighted heavy with body-controlling beats and fine-grain analog textures, working under his given name and the now defunct Mincemeat or Tenspeed moniker. Hausu Mountain proudly presents Cables, Harms’s latest cycle of in-the-red electronic exercises, which finds him augmenting his already overloaded practice with new strategies in structural disfiguration and polyrhythmic beat deconstruction. Harms hails from the Providence scene that spawned a generation of like-minded projects including Container, Unicorn Hard-On, Black Dice, and Black Pus – a lineage of extreme music that transplants the most aggressive tropes of the noise and rock idioms into the shells of beat-based compositions. Though Harms’s sessions typically conform to a grid, his inclinations towards hard-swinging syncopation, non-linear percussion patterns, and closely layered lead voices spark each track into bizarre rhythmic layers that stack over the ceaseless base pulse. As the momentum builds, Harms introduces squalling melodic voices that trace new accents within the chaos. The timbres of his overdriven synths shift from blaring siren tones to almost guitar-like crunches to bursts of toppling bass, each of which squeezes into the swollen mix for a moment before being forced out by the advent of other massive stimuli. Harms constructs improbable grooves from what seem like randomized staccato bursts, pitting some patches against the underlying flow while others elements provide the fuel for steady forward motion. We crank the volume to unhealthy heights and we sink in. We follow Harms as he chops a path through the grid.