Radiator Greys – Denying The Other


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To be released on February 12th. C44 – Red tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from HausMo co-founder Max Allison..

The garbled singe of magnetic tape ripped out of a cassette deck. Elegiac synth swells blasted through distortion. The incessant crunch of one lonely kick drum. Craned over his table of synths and electronics, Radiator Greys (Josh Levi) layers together expansive live sessions flecked with textural juxtapositions and torrents of mix-consuming disorder. Hausu Mountain presents Denying The Other, Levi’s first full-length album, which distills his ongoing experiments in the noise, drone, and industrial disciplines into a program of extreme performances each capable of transporting the listener to obscure and insular territories. Levi developed his schismatic approach to noise improv and loop-based collage in the vast underground network extending through and beyond his St. Louis hometown to his current Washington, DC locale. His command of slow-burning structural dynamics and brooding atmospheres plants each session along an evolving emotional trajectory, as new sound sources creep into the mix and swirl together into uneasy harmonic and rhythmic configurations. Levi toys at will with the idea of stasis, introducing loping drum patterns and howling synth patches that provide no security, no friendly groove to latch into. In the face of cruel repetition, we look inward. We examine the same surroundings with new eyes. But just as we settle, Radiator Greys jars us out of our reverie with some new torrential gesture, some unleashed peal of feedback, some icy scream. While he rips the guts out of his spontaneous compositions, often with the literal dissection of a cassette’s innards before our eyes, we lean in to get a better look, even as the speakers inch closer to their breaking point. We acknowledge the gestures of the creator, the hands of the man flitting across the table, the intent of one mind dictating its decisions to mechanical delegates.