BANG! BROS. – Food For Thoth


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To be released on February 12th. C35 – Blue tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + tape. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from HausMo co-founder Max Allison..

ARKM Foam and Mark Johnson terrorize and hypnotize the American DIY underground with their unhinged ecstatic jams under the BANG! BROS. moniker. Hausu Mountain is honored to continue the duo’s catalog with the release of their first “studio” full-length album, Food For Thoth,¬†following 20+ releases on labels including Feeding Tube, Moss Archive, and YDLMIER. Heads will remember the bros from their Flaming-Lips-toppling, still Guiness-uncertified world record run of 12 gigs in 12 different cities around their New England homebase in less than 24 hours on 12/12/2012 – but witnessing them perform in any context remains a transformative experience. Their newest effort captures the bros’ live mangling of assorted drum machines, effects pedals, and grab bag electronics – abetted by Andy Allen’s free-form saxophone exploration. As Allen wrings alien moans and spiraling leads from his horn, the crew bash their way through a series of improvised sketches that smear sampled drum bursts and circuit-bent buzzes across their wide live mixes. The sessions follow a twisted, basement-borne ideal of interdisciplinary free-jazz/noise performance that channels the likes of late-era Coltrane, Throbbing Gristle, Jon Hassell, and Morton Subotnick in equal measure. No idea or trope is off limits for BANG! BROS., whose jams veer without notice into thick boom-bap drum patterns, fourth world mantra grooves, or swatches of inhuman static debris. Foam and Johnson fuse into one four-armed creature who seemingly cannot control itself, pounding on a table full of gear in pursuit of a shared state of total confusion. As the spontaneous structures and dynamic trajectories of each jam play out, distinctions between the “random” and the “deliberate” fade away. Each skronk and each stuttered drum fill feels essential in their crumbling live mosaic.