Lockbox – Demonoid

Lockbox - Demonoid - FRONT

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Coming in July 2016. C60 – white shell with pink imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Lockbox and Max Allison.

Jesse Briata grins into the camera and slides another of his creations under the Lockbox moniker into the datastream. His new album Demonoid (HAUSMO 46) cracks open the twenty-one-year-old Denver-based producer’s bottomless vault and gathers a selection of his recent experiments into an epic hour-long program. If 2014’s Hausu Mountain release Prince Soul Grenade (HAUSMO 14) marked a shift from the lo-fi beat explorations of Briata’s previous limited tape releases into the realm of hyperactive hi-resolution production, Demonoid stretches the Lockbox project into a complete virtual menu of futures. Minimal hardware techno, pools of digital liquid, squelching noise loops, Playstation OST synth arrangements, tribal tom-tom workouts – all these styles and more warp into view for their moment before the portal to another zone opens. Lockbox stands at the top of his heap of corrupted samples and merges them into new glyphs for us to interpret. Detailed percussion patterns slap into head-bobbing grids through vapor clouds of noise texture. Other passages find Briata abandoning rhythm to explore a palette of syrupy drifting atmospheres haunted by cyber moans and crystalline synth melodies. For all its omnivorous juxtapositions, Demonoid finds its own logic and coherence in the personality of Lockbox himself: his sense of mischief, his curiosity and demand for novelty, his joy in competition with his insular instincts, the sorrow hidden in the light, and the humor in the darkness.

Lockbox - Demonoid - BACK