Tiger Village – Tiger Village VI: Effective Living

Tiger Village - VI - FRONT

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Coming in July 2016. C40 – light blue shell with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Max Allison and Raymond Scott.

Following 2014’s Tiger Village V  (HAUSMO 27) cassette, Tim Thornton‘s Tiger Village project beams a new series of omni-electronic technoid transmissions from the top of Hausu Mountain in the form of his new album Tiger Village VI: Effective Living (HAUSMO 47). The Cleveland-based producer/performer sculpts deliriously dense compositions that play out like the underground hits of an edified future culture that has finally achieved total hybridity. Torrents of sci-fi synth melodies float alongside ego-nullifying noise and drone textures. Complex programmed drum patterns animate tracks with a unpredictable pulse somewhere between the Aphex/Autechre school of IDM and contemporary high-def hip-hop production à la Metro Boomin. Passages of bruising percussion seem to trace a grid for moments at a time before they chase us down fractal tunnels of interlaced synth patches, all while randomized bursts of glitch dot the journey with instances of extra disfigurement. These elements thread through Thornton’s compositions not as examples of technical wizardry for their own sake, but as emotionally charged symbols that detail a shifting mental landscape. Loop collages spin back onto themselves in lulls of static unease. Sampled human voices sound out from the electronic mire in the clipped delivery of a manic episode. Tiger Village‘s music demands repeat listens both to trace the intricacies of his productions, and to unpack the human narrative behind the clatter of the machines.

Tiger Village - VI - BACK