Headboggle – In Dual Mono

Headboggle - In Dual Mono - FRONT

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Coming in July 2016. C40 – orange shell with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome + cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-card with artwork from Max Allison.

Headboggle emerges from the lab with In Dual Mono (HAUSMO 48), a platter of analog experimentation that pushes his already overloaded creative practice to new heights of electronic arrangement and noise oblivion. Presented as two discrete mono recordings played together at once, one per speaker, the album batters listeners from both sides of the brain with dense fields of sound. Over a catalog of 60+ releases for labels including Spectrum Spools, Hanson Records, NNA Tapes, and Experimedia, San Francisco-based synthesist/composer Derek Gedalecia has devoted entire albums to mining the tones of individual analog or modular synths, harnessing the strengths and limitations of his instruments to maximize their mind-obliterating potential. In Dual Mono, his second release on Hausu Mountain after a 2014 split with Quicksails (HAUSMO 21), represents another branch of his catalog: the grab bag synth frenzy, no-holds-barred, full arsenal open for business, Buchla meets Moog meets Serge meets Dave Smith meets who knows what else. We bear witness to the infinite tones and ideas at Headboggle‘s disposal as In Dual Mono cycles through a bonkers buffet of carnival-core synth squiggles, wailing noise formants, and ramshackle acoustic instrumentation (with improbable flashes of ragtime, Appalachian folk, and Perrey & Kingsley lounge melody). Headboggle juxtaposes these squalling atmospheres against each other to achieve a state of peak queasiness, building a dramatic structural arc that teeters all the while on the edge of pure chaos.

Headboggle - In Dual Mono - BACK