Forced Into Femininity – Heterochromea

Cassette EP and digital release on 5/19/17.

C14 – red tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome plus cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-Card with album artwork by Max.

Forced Into Femininity is Chicago-based multimedia performance artist Jill Lloyd Flanagan. Heterochromea, her first release on Hausu Mountain, compresses the mania and ferocity of her project into a dense eleven minute program designed as an assault on the expectations of the listener. Forced Into Femininity punctuates her unhinged vocal performances with screams and stentorian spoken word proclamations that sound out alongside fragments of melodic quasi-crooning. Her voice fuses the bark of post-punk or hardcore with the wailing catharsis of Diamanda Galás, while the composite sum of her vocals and productions reaches us as an alien breed of industrial noise performance at its most transfixing heights of confusion. Flanagan’s raucous compositions burst with peals of raw noise static and thick drum machine thuds that collide in seemingly random configurations of loping rhythm. Her live sets streak off into chaos with any number of performative touches : including but not limited to donning grotesque body-horror costumes, dousing the audience in insects, and climbing any available structure in venues and their surroundings. The standalone audio works of Heterochromea distill the same intensity into segments closer in length and structure to some mutated form of pop music. Forced Into Femininity’s lyrics grapple with apathy, compulsion, obsession, and her own identity as a transgender woman, as she paints a series of semi-autobiographical sketches streaked with metaphors based in bodily fluids and evocations of interpersonal power dynamics.