Do Pas O – Join The Fucking Drum Circle

Releases on cassette and digitally on 8/25/17.

C42 Рorange tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome plus cassette. 2-side 3-panel J-card with and artwork by Michael Shores and Max.

Do Pas O is the freewheeling solo project of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Peter Negroponte. When he’s not crafting progressive dance/funk workouts as the principal composer and percussionist of underground rock stalwarts Guerrilla Toss, Pete writes his own maximized one-man-band jams that showcase his densely stacked, hallucinatory arrangements and his fluency with every instrument in the rock tradition (and then some). Hausu Mountain is honored to present Do Pas O‘s debut album Join The Fucking Drum Circle, which follows Guerilla Toss releases on labels like DFA Records, NNA Tapes, and Tzadik. The album teems with overlapped drum patterns and massive guitar riffs that cut straight through layers of squiggling synth jelly, playing out as an unpredictable trip into the multicolor recesses of an overloaded brain. As an instrumental project with occasional flashes of obscured voice, Do Pas O flips the script of Guerilla Toss’s pop-abutting, vocal-led tracks to focus on the interplay between Pete’s lead synth/guitar lines and his throbbing walls of percussive rhythm. Join The Fucking Drum Circle channels the infinite energy and optimism of jam bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish into tightly structured pieces that turn on a dime into new moods and styles, landing somewhere in the ballpark of Todd Rundgren’s heavily overdubbed psych-pop masterworks and the carnival-core prog epics of The Residents. Though the album contains enough blistering shred on a moment to moment basis to satisfy more chops-focused listeners, Do Pas O swerves past the possible excesses of virtuosic music by highlighting the elements of humor and absurdity inherent to the style – plopped into our laps as manic slap bass lines, melting synth interludes, and faux-heroic guitar pyrotechnics. Far from attempting to show off the “mastery” of his craft, Pete demonstrates that true heads never stop experimenting and pushing the limits of their own capabilities as he chases surprising ideas and bizarre juxtapositions farther and farther down the rabbit hole.