Moth Cock – 0-100 at the Speed of the Present

HAUSMO67 - Moth Cock - 0-100 [Front]
Releases on cassette and digitally on 11/17/17.

C60 – 420Green tape with black imprints. Pro-dubbed chrome plus cassette. 2-sided 3-panel J-Card with album artwork by Moth Cock Pat and design from HausMo Max.

Hausu Mountain mainstays Moth Cock return with 0-100 at the Speed of the Present, an hour long sequence of fractured fun-house improv crammed thick with Pat Modugno’s garbled electronics and Doug Gent’s saxophone and clarinet spirals. Based in Kent, OH, the duo has slouched through the US underground circuit for over a decade, dropping dozens of tapes (including two on Hausu Mountain since 2012), a self-titled LP in 2012, and a split LP with Form A Log (HAUSMO31) in 2016. As Moth Cock shifts their focus from sidelong noise free-for-alls to more compressed sessions with specific tonal palettes, their jams have reached a new level of bizarro glee and mind-boggling density. Modugno’s concurrent experimentation under the solo moniker Khaki Blazer – another HausMo mainstay – has shaped his approach to group performance, as his contributions to these sessions veer between ever more damaged beats and sampled synth detonations. Gent tackles his role as the “lead voice” of the project with unhinged gusto, as his cascading atonal sax leads and swathes of droned out clarinet funnel through Modugno’s electronics and emerge as the cyborg wails of some basement-borne beast. In more than just the tones they mangle, Moth Cock‘s chemistry astounds as the co-constructors of spontaneous narratives that lurch, stumble, and sprint through juxtaposed atmospheres and peaks of squalling intensity.

HAUSMO67 - Moth Cock - 0-100 [Back]