RXM Reality – Panic Cycle

HAUSMO72 - RXM Reality - Panic CycleTo be released on cassette and digitally on 3/23/18. White tape with black imprints. 2-sided 3-panel J-Card with artwork from HausMo Max.

RXM Reality is Chicago-based producer Mike Meegan. His compositions fuse hyper-detailed textural sculpting and progressive song structures with the high energy thump of contemporary bass music or EDM. Panic Cycle, his first release with Hausu Mountain, offers up a forty-minute journey through contrasting moods and stages of dance-floor intensity, buoyed by unpredictable transitions and non-recursive drum programming from Meegan’s rig of hardware electronics. RXM Reality approaches beat music from the perspective of a collage artist, crafting spacious tracks with juxtaposed sound sources that float through the mix for moments at a time and never resurface. Some pieces speed past in breakneck three-minute bursts, while others swell over intensifying synth arrangements and crest into trance-like, epic denouements. Meegan channels the kinetic percussion patterns and subtle melodic accompaniments of Aphex Twin or Squarepusher, and an industrial sense of sound design and cyborg atmosphere akin to Coil or Nine Inch Nails. Panic Cycle stutters and slides over winding synth lines and bursts of bass rhythm one step removed from UK grime music, replete with distorted drums and klaxon-like wails. Meegan’s analog and digital sound sources collide, creating surprising shifts in fidelity and tone within the context of individual narratives, which veer off into lush synth interludes and crisp breakcore / jungle grooves, or sink into swathes of pure alien noise flecked with time-stretched drones and peals of static. The sum of RXM Reality’s production highlights a restless mind attuned to its machines, bringing ideas to life as hands turn knobs and strike fingerpads.