RXM Reality – blood blood blood blood

To be released on cassette and digitally on 4/03/20. C40 – purple tape dubbed and imprinted at A to Z Audio. Design by HausMo Max and Emma Daffin. This is the catalog page with album information and artwork. To view the store page, click here.

RXM Reality is Chicago-based producer Mike Meegan. His hyper-detailed, deeply fragmented tracks channel the spastic unraveling of breakcore, the bass-heavy abstractions of grime, and the harsh, juxtaposed textures of noise music. blood blood blood blood, his third release on Hausu Mountain, takes the frenetic production displayed on Panic Cycle (2018, HAUSMO72) and DEViL WORLDWiDE (2019, HAUSMO91) to new heights of structural disfiguration and everything-at-once collage composition, while tempering his harmonic sensibilities with more discrete hooks and momentary melodies than ever before. His productions maintain a sense of loosely gridlocked danceability as they blast listeners with volleys of one-off drum fusillades and washes of sheer electronic confusion. The combination of his manic synth patches and newfound applications of vocal samples sketch out his most legible leads to date, taking the form of chopped phrases that continually morph into live-scrolling staccato configurations. Meegan has a practiced mastery for overlaying contrasting moods into the same sonic headspace. Lush pads and processed synth missives appear as signs of life within an apocalyptic landscape of collapsing drum patterns and flares of pummeling low-end. The composite of blood blood blood blood’s varied sound sources reaches us in the form of tracks that forage onward to the next re-stitched vocal burst, breakdown, or smeared interlude.

As experimental electronic production in general continues to shift from the measured overlaying of clearly defined voices towards the realm of chaotic granularity, RXM Reality demonstrates that minced, disjointed sounds can collude into something that resembles a dancefloor-ready banger. More than any previous works, blood blood blood blood feels like a seamlessly flowing song cycle where distinctions between individual tracks pale in comparison to the long-form narrative arc of the album in full. As he pieces together improbably catchy hooks from elements that might appear to be chunks of debris, his music illustrates that a seamless program of sounds can emerge when you present something which is all seams. RXM Reality seeks to compress as much input into his tracks as humanly possible, as if to remind us that our time is precious and should be spent floating in the abyss, gyrating unpredictably to music beyond any obvious structural reckoning.

^^^Photo by Ricardo Adame