RXM Reality – sick for you

To be released on CD, cassette, and digitally on 3/25/22. Red or Silver tape with black imprints. Artwork by HausMo Max. CD packaged in a mini-LP jacket. This is the catalog page with album information and artwork. To purchase, head to our Bandcamp page.

Chicago-based producer Mike Meegan records music under the moniker RXM Reality. Meegan’s three previous albums on Hausu Mountain sketch out an evolving trajectory of omni-electronic rhythmic music that warps elements of grime, dubstep, mutated techno, hyperpop, and noise into unpredictable compositions overloaded with synthetic textures and fast-scrolling beat structures. The Advent LP, released on Orange Milk in 2021, elevated the arc of Meegan’s experimentation to new levels of high-definition sound design and form-obliterating narrative deconstruction that crammed a multiverse of possibility into each compact track.

With the new album sick for you, Meegan pushes the RXM Reality project into brand new zones along multiple intersecting spectrums. For the first time, he incorporates his voice into his work, employing a series of contrasting vocal styles that complement productions which shine with more finely-crafted details and narrative hairpin turns than ever before. The album feels more progressive and overwhelming than any prior output with its pointillistic beat mosaics and melodic arrangements, taking a few steps closer to some vision of contemporary pop music soaked in adrenaline and ballistic energy. RXM Reality’s production thrives on drama, conveyed in mammoth bursts of overlapped drum elements planted over quick-cycling snippets of software synthesis and MIDI guitar. The percussive contours and chest-beating energies of sick for you can sound at times like festival-ready EDM or dubstep (even “brostep”) refracted through a funhouse mirror, maintaining a sense of swaggering confidence and bombast even as shards of disembodied beats and synths melt into putty around the edges of the mix.

As a vocalist, Meegan shifts through different delivery styles and effect manipulations that include barks which wouldn’t sound out of place on a post-hardcore or death metal album, moaned quasi-melodies infused with auto tune glissandi, and chopped fragments reconstructed into some chattering robotic frontman. The producer approached the tracking of sick for you from the perspective of live performance, often recording long takes flecked with transitions at a turnover rate akin to a frenetic DJ set or an IDM excursion where an absolutely banging beat segment appears as simply one peak to climb and then leap off before the next volley hits. sick for you speeds through meticulously stacked tiers of varied beats and hooks without ever losing the thread of unbounded kinetic motion. The chaotic sum total of this new strain of Meegan’s music illuminates the bond of influence between RXM Reality and other projects that orbit Hausu Mountain, including ProlapsKill AltersBonnie BaxterMachine Girl, and Fire-Toolz — all of which share a penchant for in-the-red electronic arrangement, genre-colliding beat programming, and fierce vocal performance.

Rather than viewing sick for you as a product of dour self-obliteration or manic psychosis, as its more head-spinning passages might seem to suggest, Meegan envisions the album as a purging of pent-up energy that aligns with a sense of comfort and a beneficial reorientation of his priorities. Often worked on in the morning, and stemming from a dedicated daily routine of experimentation and composition, the album embodies a controlled attempt to come out on the other side of darker times — an arc mirrored by Meegan’s continuing sober lifestyle. Harnessing victories within his own daily life as a wellspring of new inspiration, he showcases the potential of progressive electronic music as an outlet for emotional storytelling that speaks to the process of recovery, not conveyed in words as much as raw voices and structural detonations.