Good Willsmith – Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly

Good Willsmith - Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly

 Good Willsmith is three Chicago-dwelling human beings named Max Allison, Natalie Chami, and Doug Kaplan. They make music together out of extended loops, analog synth elements, and standard rock instrumentation processed through huge chains of electronics. Each live session maintains a constant drone and inches human existence at a glacial pace towards the plane of gods both astral and terrestrial: Pandit Pran Nath, Saturn, Brian Eno, The Great Porpoise King, Huitzilopochtli. Merzbow. Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly is the band’s first physical release. Across a continuous live session, presented without overdubs, Chami constructs overlapping loops of lead voices and choral synth harmonies. Kaplan infuses his neo-Frippertronics with bursts of harsh noise and extended tremolo picking. Allison aims for maximum sustain as his bass tones swell into deep, foundational dr0))nes. The trio’s structured improvisations channel Music for Airports, Maggot Brain, and the Theatre of Eternal Music. In other words – the album begins in Cluster territory and it ends somewhere closer to, say, Kluster. Hausu Mountain released a limited cassette run of the album in Summer 2012 to coincide with the band’s west coast tour.

Released 7/10/2012.
Sold out on cassette!
Stream or download this release (pay what you want) on Bandcamp.

Design by: Doug & Max