Moth Cock – Bremmy

HAUSMO 6:   Moth Cock – Bremmy

Moth Cock is Pat Modugno and Doug Gent from Kent, OH. Off stage, Doug’s hair and beard conflate into a blondish entity and Pat’s mustache conceals his upper lip. Take this moment to imagine them with these facial hair configurations against a midwestern landscape. (Do you see them?) On stage, the prairie scene deviates and Shit Gets Real: Doug feeds volleys of clarinet skronk into Pat’s small rig of pedals and samplers, and Pat chops and manipulates Doug’s live deluge of “free-jazz” into something far more “free” than “jazz.” Layer by layer, the duo builds a sonic beast out of screeches and fractured loops and we listen as it trips over its own feet (wings?) over and over and over on a crooked path back to the Ohian underworld.

The structured improvisations on “Bremmy” utilize a bewildering sonic vocabulary: undercurrents of recycled brass, bursts of maniacal pitch-shifted melody (think Ralph Records ca. 1978), screwed half-rhythms, Stalling-core Looney fanfares, and when Pat’s trumpet enters the mix, waves of throbbing drone. Taken one at a time, each of these sounds could make the layhuman furrow his or her brow and be all like, “Hey, yeah, hello? Could you please keep it down? I’m just trying to live out my life here in peace.” Taken all together, looped and processed beyond recognition into one pulsating mass of brass chaos, the tones of Moth Cock knock a chunk of Ohio’s soil up into Interstellar Space and out past the event horizon into a whole new zone.

Released 7/10/2012.
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Design by: Doug