Mike Sugarman composes and performs under the Sugarm moniker. His music exploits systems of sampling, looping, feedback generation, and digital processing in conjunction with live performance on guitar, synth, theremin, and other sound sources. His compositions span the wide spectrum of the noise/drone underground, cycling through kinetic passages of effect manipulation and overdriven static or lapsing into narcotic atmospheres capable of impeding time’s forward motion. Sugarman grew up in New Jersey, lives in Brooklyn, and will die in the secret grotto between our dimensions.

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Watch a video of Sugarm performing at the grand reopening of the Silent Barn (12/2012).

Sugarm has shared the stage with Deafheaven, Wolf Eyes, Pharmakon, Liturgy, Sam Prekop, Alan Howarth, Alberich, Bitchin Bajas, Mind Over Mirrors, Eli Keszler, Nate Young, Jason Lescaleet, Noveller, Grasshopper, GDFX, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Quicksails, Good Willsmith, Moth Cock, Eric Copeland, and Jerry Paper.

“Ever searching for the perfect blend of rhythm and Pure Racket, Sugarm follows up his crunched-up and whirled-out cassette split with Ron Tubman on Hausu’s Mugen series last year, hypnotizing audiences with pure noise charm. See that window? Toss the kosmische and drone and avant templates out that window. Sugarm gives two shits about expectancy and merely is diving hands first into some black magic melt. This is real. Like staring into the deepest eyes and feeling lost in the altar of Pure Racket, blistering your ear drums with swan songs to come.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

““Aspic Nipple” seems to be a lot of things at once. It’s not until you exhale, clear your mind, and stare intently straight at it that the portrait of what you’re looking at becomes clear. Tribal rhythms, churning static noise, and skittering electronic tones coalesce into something that somehow manages to be both cathartic and unsettling” – Portals