Announcing: The Big Ship ‘Split’ Cassette

“The Big Ship” is a song by Brian Eno. Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small are two Eno enthusiasts who make music together as The Big Ship. In contrast to “A Circle Is Forever,” their forthcoming full-length LP brimming with synth textures, multi-tracked guitar melodies, and layered samples, The Big Ship’s “Split” cassette presents each of these young men alone with his guitar in an extended live-in-the-studio session. On Side A, Doug constructs slow-churning loops of processed guitar drone, propelling depth charges down into the Marianas Trench and provoking seabeasts out of their maritime slumber.  “The Suboceanic Mantle” evolves from an ominous hum into a nocturnal, predatory “No Pussyfooting” in congress with the Kraken. Side B finds Aeron engaging in maximum delay worship, feeding melody after melody into the mix and watching bright-eyed as leads ripple off into sweet decay. “Bowshock at the Heliosphere” channels the lush loop-work of Mark McGuire and Dustin Wong – eking out a nebula, note by note, in a hushed corner of the cosmos.

You can stream or download The Big Ship’s “Split” right now on Bandcamp.:

Or own a pro-dubbed, imprinted physical copy on cassette tape (C28) – available to order in the Hausu Mountain e-shoppe and shipping immediately.

The Big Ship’s “A Circle Is Forever” will be available on LP in early 2013 – for now, check out a preview of the album’s first track, “A Rabbit,” on SoundCloud.