Announcing: D/A/D – The Construct – CS / CD

HAUSMO 12: D/A/D - The Construct

We’re so excited to announce our next physical release! Zach Robinson has been one of our best buds and closest musical collaborators for years (we both play with him in a band called The Earth Is A Man). We remember being blown away by his earliest solo recordings as D/A/D, back when his dorm room served as his studio. His first full-length album under the D/A/D moniker, The Construct, demonstrates how far he’s come as a composer, guitarist, and synthesist since those sepia-toned days of yore four-ish years ago. Zach released The Construct online through Rossa Corsa Records earlier this year, and we’re lucky enough to be the ones responsible for its physical incarnation on the 3D universal grid. You can find more info about this release on our catalog page.

The album is available to order now in our e-shoppe, in limited editions of both cassette and CD, and will ship out starting next week.

You can stream the whole album at the D/A/D Bandcamp page, or in the embedded player below: