Hausu Mountain Fest ! 1/5/2014 @ Empty Bottle

Hausmo fest 2014 wnur

We’re beyond pleased to present the first Hausu Mountain Festival! (!!) We gathered a bunch of zoners from the HausMo roster and stuck ’em on a bill with some of Chicago’s deepest synthesists / shredders. The Empty Bottle will be decked out with an additional stage area for easy transitioning between all of the acts – promising infinite atmospheres (realms, even) to dip into from the comfort of your favorite venue. Music starts at 5:30 and ends when everyone has finished. The lineup:

Sam Prekop
Bitchin Bajas
Mind Over Mirrors
Good Willsmith
Moth Cock

Infinite love to WNUR Rock Show for sponsoring this event !!

To generate some additional funds for the performers (some of whom are coming in from the Great East), we’re making a rare# artifact of HausMo lore commercially available to the public: THE ZONES HAT

zones hat

Another cool thing: the tickets cost a mere $10 !
Can’t wait to see y’all at the Bottle !! Woooo! !
Please refer to FacePlace for more intel or to tell us you’re coming.