Starting off 2020 with Pulse Emitter

Hey HausMoNauts – Happy to be here with you in the year of 2020 plopping music into your earholes and whatnot. Our first release of the year is a gorgeous LP from Portland-based composerĀ Pulse Emitter. We’ve been gushing fans for many years, and were thrilled when he participated in the Mugen Series a few years back. LetĀ Swirlings take you on a deep cosmic voyage into the center of your heart.

New Logo and Merch Store!!

Hey HausFam – we’ve got a new logo for 2020! Designed by the illustrious Elliot Bech, this cutie-pie is both a house and a mountain. FANCY THAT! With our sparkling new logo, we’ve got a whole slew of Official Label Merchandise for the first time in our short history. We’ve got T-Shirts. We’ve got hats. We’ve got buttons and stickers and that’s it! But hey… that’s a lot. You can peep the merch store HERE. Hope you enjoy!!