The Big Ship Music

ATTN: Hear ye! Bugle!

I know that you’re probably all like, “come on, more Big Ship stuff? Where them tapes at, Holmes?” But you better cool it, mister, because there are many more updates to be had.

We proudly present to you a video from one of our favorite collaborators, Brownshoesonly. Nick processed and edited home movies we found at Swap-O-Rama for the track “A Rabbit.”

Also mosey onto our store page to pre-order the LP or CD.


The Big Ship ! CD & also A Tour

Exciting Announcements about The Big Ship!! The band’s debut album A Circle Is Forever comes into the world on March 26th on LP & CD!! The choice of which size disc to grip – 12 inches of analog or 4.75 inches of digital – is yours and yours alone. Both are available for Preorder in our e-shoppe!
The CD comes packaged in a white mini-LP jacket with liner labels and the LP cover image printed on the disc. – $10 US, $15 CAN/MEX, $17 RestOfWorld (These prices include shipping)

The LP edition features Coke Bottle Clear vinyl with Green Splatter, packaged in a hand-painted, hand-assembled tip-on sleeve, download code included. (Limited to 300 copies) – $15 US, $20 CAN/MEX, $25 RestOfWorld (These prices include shipping)

Either way, we know you won’t regret this sacred act of #commerce and we love you for supporting this project!! Thank You !!
ALSO: A Tour!! The Big Ship’s five-piece physical incarnation is heading out to the Great Eastern States of America for ten days of shows, driving, some breakfast foods, The Residents on the stereo, couches, shredding. Catch the band at these dates:
Sunday, 3/10 – Philadephia, PA – @ Kung-Fu Necktie
Tuesday, 3/12 – Richmond, VA – @ Steady Sounds
Wednesday, 3/13 – Baltimore, MD – @ Club K
Thursday, 3/14 – Manhattan, NYC – @ The Living Room
Friday, 3/15 – Brooklyn, NYC – @ TBA
Saturday, 3/16 – Philadephia, PA – @ Circle of Hope

Hope to see you guys on the road!!