M. Geddes Gengras now avail!

Heyyyyyy HausFriends – hope you’ve been riding on the back of the dolphin gently into the fun-zone. We’ve got a beautiful new zone from M. Geddes Gengras now available on cassette and CD. Check out the zones below:


HausMoNation – HausHello from HausMo Doug. Hello! We’re pleased as Pikachu to have not one, but two brand new albums from BANG! BROS. . Big BANG! Theory hits the physi-and-digi-streets as two cassettes or a big bang bundle, and it’s ripe with the skronk-a-lonk that you are so desperately addicted to. Scope out some of the tunes below and head on down to the catalog and store pages for more info. Love y’all!!!