Announcing: The Big Ship’s ‘A Circle Is Forever’

We’re more than more than pleased to announce the release of our the first LP on Hausu Mountain: A Circle Is Forever by The Big Ship! You and I both know that the long highway into the cosmic womb of the Great Porpoise King is paved with cassette tapes, – but lo! the crafts traversing down those interplanetary lanes are built of the finest slabs of Coke Bottle Clear With Green Splatter Vinyl that #commerce has ever seen. (For serious, this was the first release we ever intended for our label – HAUSMO1 – and we’re proud to finally get it out into the world.)

Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small record music together as The Big Ship. The duo developed guitar techniques and musical interests in tandem for over a decade of their young lives, and diverged into solo performances for a split cassette right here on Hausu Mountain. The thirty-nine minutes of their debut LP A Circle Is Forever represent nine months of collaboration under the same roof – and the eternal love of fourteen years and counting. To stream the first cut from the album, “A Rabbit,” is to enter a succession of zones: multi-tracked guitar melodies, layered synth pads, acoustic flourishes, somewhere warm.
The duo’s live ensemble has expanded to include Max Allison – Doug’s bandmate in drone trio Good Willsmith and instrumental rockers The Earth is a Man – on bass and tape loops, and buds Matt Baer (on guitar) and Stephen Waller (on drums). Stay tuned for the dates of their East Coast tour this March.
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