HausLive is Live with Sunwatchers!

Bugle! Bugle! Hear ye HausFam. We’ve got the inaugural edition of a brand new series of releases that you better get used to!! The New York City-based exploratory rock quartet Sunwatchers unite the ecstatic guitar / sax leads and spontaneous energy of free jazz with the repetition and tempered discipline characteristic of minimalism or krautrock. With HausLive 1: Sunwatchers at Cafe Mustache 4/13/2019, the band marks the inauguration of Hausu Mountain’s new series of live recordings highlighting the headiest underground music performed in Chicago. The series channels the spirit of informal bootlegging and tape trading as pioneered by the community surrounding the Grateful Dead, honing in on the raw live energy and in-the-moment emotions that make each show stand out in the stream of time. Selected from the archives of prolific Chicago taper Joel Berk, HausLive 1 bears witness as Sunwatchers weave flights of fried improvisation into tightly synchronized passages of psych-adjacent riff worship.