Announcing: The Big Ship ‘Split’ Cassette

“The Big Ship” is a song by Brian Eno. Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small are two Eno enthusiasts who make music together as The Big Ship. In contrast to “A Circle Is Forever,” their forthcoming full-length LP brimming with synth textures, multi-tracked guitar melodies, and layered samples, The Big Ship’s “Split” cassette presents each of these young men alone with his guitar in an extended live-in-the-studio session. On Side A, Doug constructs slow-churning loops of processed guitar drone, propelling depth charges down into the Marianas Trench and provoking seabeasts out of their maritime slumber.  “The Suboceanic Mantle” evolves from an ominous hum into a nocturnal, predatory “No Pussyfooting” in congress with the Kraken. Side B finds Aeron engaging in maximum delay worship, feeding melody after melody into the mix and watching bright-eyed as leads ripple off into sweet decay. “Bowshock at the Heliosphere” channels the lush loop-work of Mark McGuire and Dustin Wong – eking out a nebula, note by note, in a hushed corner of the cosmos.

You can stream or download The Big Ship’s “Split” right now on Bandcamp.:

Or own a pro-dubbed, imprinted physical copy on cassette tape (C28) – available to order in the Hausu Mountain e-shoppe and shipping immediately.

The Big Ship’s “A Circle Is Forever” will be available on LP in early 2013 – for now, check out a preview of the album’s first track, “A Rabbit,” on SoundCloud.

Announcing: BREMMY + Limited Supplies of Good Willsmith

We are extremely pleased today, and why? Because we are here today to be telling you that we are proud to be releasing the great Moth Cock’s Bremmy. What is Bremmy? Who is Bremmy? Can I put my Bremmy in a basket? Do you Bremmy? Do you? #Bremmy????
We do

Moth Cock is Pat Modugno and Doug Gent from Kent, OH. Off stage, Doug’s hair and beard conflate into a blondish entity and Pat’s mustache conceals his upper lip. Take this moment to imagine them with these facial hair configurations against a midwestern landscape. (Do you see them?) On stage, the prairie scene deviates and Shit Gets Real: Doug feeds volleys of clarinet skronk into Pat’s small rig of pedals and samplers, and Pat chops and manipulates Doug’s live deluge of “free-jazz” into something far more “free” than “jazz.” Layer by layer, the duo builds a sonic beast out of screeches and fractured loops and we listen as it trips over its own feet (wings?) over and over and over on a crooked path back to the Ohian underworld.

Moth Cock’s new album Bremmy arrives in your ears digitally right now. Download the full album for free, or pay what you want, right here:

The cassette tape (C40) will be available to hold, open, close and set down sometimes – December, 2012. (Order link to appear in our little shoppe soon.)
Together, we can engage in commerce through the magic of Science.

Hausu Mountain also has a few more releases on the horizon. The coming months will see two releases from The Big Ship (LP & cassette), a cassette from Zach Robinson and a few pranks from Guru Bhai.

Good Willsmith’s first cassette, “Is The Food Your Family Eats Slowly,” is down to its final copies in our possession (!!) – if you’re interested in this acquiring this piece of physical media for musical consumption or to use as actual food to sustain your existence, grip it in the shop now (!)

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