Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe! – out on 3/1

HausMoNerdos and Birdos unite. If there’s one thing we can all agree upon on this craggly rock screaming through space, it’s that proggy jazz-fusion is like… really really dope. Another thing that many of us can agree upon is that the music of Angel Marcloid (a.k.a. Fire-Toolz) is like… really really dope. So what if Angel decided to make a whole album of proggy jazz-fusion? Here we have Nonlocal Forecast. Hope that the weather is looking good for you:

Euglossine – Coriolis – out on 2/15

HausFriends – Shining brightly for you today! Next up on the docket is our first album with Euglossine. He’s got that good-good Florida sunshine and knows how to turn it into warm jazzy tapes. AND JUST in TIME for the apex of coldness in the northern mundo. This pup comes out on tape and digitally on Feb 15th, and there’s tons of info on our catalog and store pages, but you can check out the track “Daytime” now: