Form A Log / Moth Cock split LP

moth _ log FRONT

Hausu Mountain is delighted to present the long-fated union of two freak flagships on one slab of vinyl: the Form A Log / Moth Cock split LP. A network of scenes in the US noise underground consider these men and their projects to be champions of uninhibited experimentation, high watermarks of weirdness, and genuinely dedicated human beings. In their performances as Form A Log, Ren Schofield (Container), Noah Anthony (Profligate), and Rick Weaver (formerly Dinner Music) construct maniacal live collages from the playback of cassette tapes. As Moth Cock, Pat Modugno (Khaki Blazer) and Doug Gent (Steel Dangerous) fuse disfigured sampling and electronic processing with live clarinet and trumpet into sessions with few precedents in this sector of the galaxy.

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