Out 5/25: Quicksails & Long Distance Poison

Hey HausFam — sending some magical friendship clown love your way! We have two brain-busting, butt-busting, albums on the horizon from classic HausMo artistsĀ Quicksails andĀ Long Distance Poison coming at you at the end of the month. You can skweep right over to the catalog page to get the dirty deetz, but here are some tracks to scope ASAP. Munch Luv!

HausMo Mixtape I

We decided to have a little bday party for our fifth year anniversary, but it came out just a few months before our sixth. This pup features 80 minutes of music from 22 HausMo artists from releases 2012-2017. Out on CD and cassette && a great entrypoint into HausWorld if you’re interested. Click on the lil glyph below to stream on Bandcamp: