Bernie is Back!

Hear ye HausCrew! Andrew Bernstein is back with “a presentation”, his third HausMo album. Composer / saxophonist / multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bernstein has been an essential part of the Baltimore experimental music scene as a member of avant-rock champions Horse Lords. Based in Baltimore for much of the last two decades, he currently resides with his family in Germany. Under his own name, Bernstein composes music focused on the material of sound, typically oriented around the tuning system of just intonation: the selection of notes based on the physical properties of sound which yields frequencies that provide more “perfect” harmonies outside of the capabilities of the 12-tone scales that appear in Western music in idioms ranging from classical / orchestral composition, to mainstream pop, and most everything in between. Bernstein’s work can swell into flights of virtuosic sheets-of-sound overload or stretch individual tones into time-dilating durational exercises that emphasize the relationships between overtones and explore the unique harmonic series that he lays out for each piece.

new zones from Erica Eso

HausMoZoners! We’ve got a new one from Erica Eso – their HausMo debut!

HausMo Max described this album as “RIYL: Prefab Sprout, fretless bass bouncing around, Sade, music that’s experimental in nature but also your mom would not be annoyed if you put it on in the car with her, Discipline-era King Crimson, melting into a puddle for a little while, the album Aja by The Dan… ***** unless your mom is like a strict old school death metal purist or something, u know”

Let these songs gently carry you into the summer zones: