Davey Harms – World War

Woo hoo HausMo Nation rejoice!! We’ve got a new one from Davey Harms – aka World War, aka Mincemeat or Tenspeed. We’re getting into the zone where we’re working on the third album project with many of our artists – Davey included – and it feels so gooey and lovely to have a beautiful HausMo Family. This one perfectly encapsulates our label’s mission statement – to be equally mind-melting and fun. Hope you enjoy these jams::

New zones from LDP

Ho Ho Ho! HausMoNauts Forever Are We! We’ve got a new joint from Long Distance Poison – our third album with one of our all-time favorite duos. “Technical Mentality” is among the headiest releases to ever bear the HausMo logo – a drifty, moody zone. As always, there’s infinite more information about the album on our catalog page and you can stream on Bandcamp and all other culprits. Muah!