the new new from RXM Reality! (new)

Wow folks, just wow! We are proud to welcome Chicago-based producer RXM Reality into the very exclusive 4x HausMo album club. Mike – we love you one million billion! With the new album sick for you, Mike Meegan pushes the RXM Reality project into brand new zones along multiple intersecting spectrums. For the first time, he incorporates his voice into his work, employing a series of contrasting vocal styles that complement productions which shine with more finely-crafted details and narrative hairpin turns than ever before. The album feels more progressive and overwhelming than any prior output with its pointillistic beat mosaics and melodic arrangements, taking a few steps closer to some vision of contemporary pop music soaked in adrenaline and ballistic energy. 

sick for you comes out on March 25th on CD, cassette, and digitally. We also have RXM Reality merch in the form of long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and no-sleeve shirts on the sick for you Bandcamp page.