new zones from Erica Eso

HausMoZoners! We’ve got a new one from Erica Eso – their HausMo debut!

HausMo Max described this album as “RIYL: Prefab Sprout, fretless bass bouncing around, Sade, music that’s experimental in nature but also your mom would not be annoyed if you put it on in the car with her, Discipline-era King Crimson, melting into a puddle for a little while, the album Aja by The Dan… ***** unless your mom is like a strict old school death metal purist or something, u know”

Let these songs gently carry you into the summer zones:

the new new from RXM Reality! (new)

Wow folks, just wow! We are proud to welcome Chicago-based producer RXM Reality into the very exclusive 4x HausMo album club. Mike – we love you one million billion! With the new album sick for you, Mike Meegan pushes the RXM Reality project into brand new zones along multiple intersecting spectrums. For the first time, he incorporates his voice into his work, employing a series of contrasting vocal styles that complement productions which shine with more finely-crafted details and narrative hairpin turns than ever before. The album feels more progressive and overwhelming than any prior output with its pointillistic beat mosaics and melodic arrangements, taking a few steps closer to some vision of contemporary pop music soaked in adrenaline and ballistic energy. 

sick for you comes out on March 25th on CD, cassette, and digitally. We also have RXM Reality merch in the form of long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and no-sleeve shirts on the sick for you Bandcamp page.

Kill Alters are back!

Olde HausMo Heads will KNOW about this band, but if you came aboard the mothership in the last few years, Kill Alters is deeply engrained in the HausMo universe, with several Bonnie Baxter solo releases, and with her duo Prolaps.

NYC-based trio Kill Alters returns to Hausu Mountain with Armed To The Teeth L.M.O.M.M., their first full-length album following EPs and tapes including No Self Helps (HAUSMO61, 2017) and Kill Alters (2015). Taking up residence at the intersection of electronics-infused rock, digital hardcore, freewheeling mutant noise experimentation, and incidental found sound culled from bandleader and composer Bonnie Baxter’s decades-old family recordings, the album presents the band’s most intricate and mind-shattering music to date. As in all of their releases, the incorporation of Baxter’s mother’s voice from the tapes in her personal archives serves as a central element of Kill Alters‘ compositions, imbuing their music with added layers of personality and emotional memory and weaving together a story of early childhood nostalgia laced with catharsis and redemption.

New Music, Hackerz, & Website Zone

Hey HausFam – hope your biscuits are warm. We want to apologize for the dead air on the website for a few moments. We were hacked and turned into an Aaron Dilloway penis pill website for a moment. We’ve worked to get the site more secure and back under our control. No personal information other than our own was compromised, as everything on the site collecting data was either a PayPal link or a MailChimp link. The updates have broken the e-commerce aspects of the site though, and since we were doing just a few sales a year from here, we’ve moved everything to Bandcamp and Discogs. Hoping to remedy this soon! We’ve also taken this opportunity to update some other corners of our website – especially FAQ sections. Thank you for your patience while the site was hibernating.

since we last posted, we’ve released two crucial HausMo albums

Prolaps “Ultra Cycle Pt. 4: Hibernal Death”:

Fire-Toolz “Eternal Home [Instrumentals]”:

The hits keep coming

new music from d’Eon, Norman W. Long and Prolaps:

Summertime Jams

New Kids on the Block are your potential friends, Chinese food is available for delivery, and I think it’s great when the mail’s not late in the summer, it’s the summer. We like people who listen to HausMo jams, and these are the new ones in the can, in the summer… in the summer:

Damiana is the debut collaboration between Chicago improv-legends and dear friends TALsounds and Matchess.:

Prolaps returns with the 2nd installment of the Ultra Cycle series:

New HausZones

HausMoNauts! Sending a swirling double helix high five from the top of HausMoHQ to your sweaty palm. These are the new HausMo zones hot and fresh out of the biscuit factory. Arc Mountain is a series of one-off collaborations between HausMo artists and Deathbomb Arc artists. Body Meπa is a new NY-based band comprised of Sasha Frere-Jones, Greg Fox, Melvin Gibbs, & Grey McMurray. Take a listen below:

The Bandcamp store is the official HausMo E-shoppe

Hey HausMo Fans — we’re doing the vast majority of our sales through the Bandcamp platform these days and will be moving all of the HausMo store there. We will keep the bundle deals but that’s about it. As you can see, our website is very clunky and was not built for what we’re asking of it. We’ll be linking all store pages to the respective Bandcamp pages. To get the sort of discount you were getting on the HausMo site, you can use code “420COVID69” . This code will be active until live music is back at every level and your dad can go see Bruce Springsteen at the basketball arena. After that, I’ll generate another code specifically for loyal HausMo e-shoppe users. Thanks for sticking with us! We might get a new website in the future, but that’s not a ridiculously high priority at this moment. <3

Spring Fling

HausMoNauts! Hear Ye! Bugle! The Spring slate is going strong. We have new albums from roster artists Prolaps and Sharkula x Mukqs for your listening pleasure: