Tiger Village – Modern Drummer – out on 3/29

HausMo Hello there y’all! Just checked the 5PM news and the prognosis for this week is that there’s a whole ton of big fat fun dripping from the horizon line! Celebrate the magical season of rain and plant!

Later this week, we’ve got a new album coming out from long-time HausMo artist Tiger Village. This is our third album with him… and who doesn’t love trilogies??? While previous Tiger Village albums from us have only been available on cassette, this one is available on cassette and COMPACT DISC! Remember those circle things?

Villagers (that’s what you call a Tiger Village fan) will probably all agree that this is his most progressive, zaniest, brainiest, zoniest zone that he’s ever made. You villagers can make that choice in just a few days, but in the meantime you can swoop in on this delicious track name of “Modern Drummer”:

Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe! – out on 3/1

HausMoNerdos and Birdos unite. If there’s one thing we can all agree upon on this craggly rock screaming through space, it’s that proggy jazz-fusion is like… really really dope. Another thing that many of us can agree upon is that the music of Angel Marcloid (a.k.a. Fire-Toolz) is like… really really dope. So what if Angel decided to make a whole album of proggy jazz-fusion? Here we have Nonlocal Forecast. Hope that the weather is looking good for you:

Euglossine – Coriolis – out on 2/15

HausFriends – Shining brightly for you today! Next up on the docket is our first album with Euglossine. He’s got that good-good Florida sunshine and knows how to turn it into warm jazzy tapes. AND JUST in TIME for the apex of coldness in the northern mundo. This pup comes out on tape and digitally on Feb 15th, and there’s tons of info on our catalog and store pages, but you can check out the track “Daytime” now:

Sharkula x Mukqs – Prune City – Dropping 2/1

HausMo new year Hausmonauts! Spreading our love like the yummy clumps of butter on your rye toast. The first HausMo release of the year is coming out on cassette and digitally in a few weeks. This is a first time collaboration between legendary Chicago MC Sharkula and HausMo co-founder Mukqs. Scope out a track below && AMPLE info on our catalog and store pages. Stay tuned HausFam!

HausMo Fall Program

HausFolks!! What a season it has been. From warm to chilly, we really really… love you a lot HausFam <3. Our Fall Program (TM) was a very success and much fun for everybody involved. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Bonnie Baxter – Ask Me How Satan Started – released 11/16:

Shnabubula – Game Genie – released 11/2:

Pepper Mill Rondo – E.D.M. – released 10/19:

Andrew Bernstein – “An Exploded View of Time” – out 9/28

Greetings HausFam – howdie doodie! We are proud as papa to release Andrew Bernstein’s first vinyl record, An Exploded View of Time. This album is truly a gem and we’re proud as ever to have the opportunity to work on this one. While most HausMo albums trend towards multi-tracked, thick mixes, Bernie provides an excellent counterpoint as one man with a saxophone performing live. This is where the comparison ends though, because Bernie playing sax is like a drum machine set on maximum tempo, with flurries of notes forming constellations of life-consuming zones. Like we always do it, there is such info about this album in our catalog page and much purchase in our store. <3 <3 <3

Mid-summer tapes: Mondo Lava & Potions

HEYUUU HausFam – glad to see ya! We have two bangers out for the summer heat wave landing in late July to early August. Mondo Lava and Potions return to the mountain to revel in the glory that is all things summer. Mondo Lava provides the breezy vibes for your day time at the beach carnival, but when nightfall comes you’re going to want to dance barefoot on the hill to Potions sly grooves. Teaser tracks below! Love ya fam!

Out 5/25: Quicksails & Long Distance Poison

Hey HausFam — sending some magical friendship clown love your way! We have two brain-busting, butt-busting, albums on the horizon from classic HausMo artists Quicksails and Long Distance Poison coming at you at the end of the month. You can skweep right over to the catalog page to get the dirty deetz, but here are some tracks to scope ASAP. Munch Luv!