HausMo Mixtape I

We decided to have a little bday party for our fifth year anniversary, but it came out just a few months before our sixth. This pup features 80 minutes of music from 22 HausMo artists from releases 2012-2017. Out on CD and cassette && a great entrypoint into HausWorld if you’re interested. Click on the lil glyph below to stream on Bandcamp:

Rumble Pack out on 3/23

HausWow! What a stupendous day in the mundo we live in. Next up on the rolly sprocket is a threefer of that good good lickety yum yum that only we know how to give to ya. THE RUMBLE PACK ft. tapes from Arian Shafiee, Lockbox, and RXM Reality. The batch comes out on Friday, 3/23, but here are some hawt cuts to tide you over. Let’s take a look below:


ADT – Insecurities – LP out on 2/23/18

Hi-Ho-Haus-Wow! Hey gang, and wow so good to be here. We’re o’er here on top’o the mountain, yodeling this tasty album announcement into the sub-arctic snow-world. On February 23rd, we have the debut LP from ADT dropping on 100% phonographic, vinyl record. ADT is a Chicago-band very near and dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy their amazing improvised zones.

You can read up on ADT on their catalog page and pre-order the LP here. Tuneage below:

Square Stack

Brett Naucke, Moth Cock, Form A Log – OUT 11/17

There’s no good way to describe this, so we’re going to let the words do the talking. We’ve got one more batch of releases coming out this year — a monster batch of oldschool HausFam. We’ve got: Brett Naucke – Multiple Hallucinations, Moth Cock – 0-100 at the Speed of the Present, and Form A LogAt A Festival. Collectively known as the WTF LOL Batch, these three puppers come out on cassette and digitally on 11/17/2017.

More info on the catalog page and store page, tasty tasty tracks below yum yum.

Do Pas O – Join The Fucking Drum Circle

Wazzzaaaaa HauSquad – a hearty and happy hello to you!. Coming out next is Do Pas O – Join The Fucking Drum Circle – launching into the physical stratosphere as a cassette and the digital multisphere on bandcamp, apple tunes, sportrofy, and all the other ones too.

Join The Fucking Drum Circle is the debut release from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Peter Negroponte. When he’s not crafting progressive dance/funk workouts as the principal composer and percussionist of underground rock stalwarts Guerrilla Toss, Pete writes his own maximized one-man-band jams that showcase his densely stacked, hallucinatory arrangements and his fluency with every instrument in the rock tradition (and then some).

More info on the catalog page and store page, but we’ve left a delicious track for you to earmunch upon below. Comes out on 8/25/17!!! What a time to be here in this world!!

Kill Alters – No Self Helps

Hey HausMoNauts – hope you’ve been having a super fresh summer!. Next on the docket we have Kill Alters – No Self Helps – coming out on cassette and CD. More info on the catalog page and store page, but we’ve got a hot track for you below. Comes out on 7/28/17!!! We’re all so excited to be here!!

Cool Zones Batch

Sweet mama pajama, the COOL ZONES BATCH IS OUT TODAY (Friday, 5/19/17). This is definitely the freakiest set of releases we’ve done in a hot year, so if you’re down with the clown and love jokin’ around, you need these tapes.

Fire-Toolz // Mugen: Volume 9

Greetings, Hello, & Welcome!

We’ve got two delicious new albums coming out in February!! Both Fire-Toolz and Pulse Emitter / Brett Naucke tapes are up in the Catalog and Store, but we wanted to share some tracks below. Hope you enjoy!

Fire-ToolzDrip Mental
Comes out digitally on 2/3/17, and physically on cassette & CD on 2/24/17

Pulse Emitter / Brett NauckeMugen: Volume 9
Comes out digitally and physically on cassette on 2/24/17